Six the Savior

Mercenary Arcanist


Strength Above Avg
Agility Average
Reflex Above Avg
Willpower High
Intuition Average
IQ High
Toughness High

Arcane: High
Brawl: High
Negotiate: Above Average
Enchant: Above Average
Athletics: Above Average
Examine: Average
Streetwise: Average
Alchemy: Average
Bluff: Average

Black Velvet Scholar
Six is astoundingly educated due to his upbringing and education from within the Black Velvet College.
After successfully examining a target, you can make a knowledge check using your IQ rank +1RS to see if you have been educated on the target in the past, granting you useful information. An exceptional YES grants you enough information to close a relevant thread.

Dirty Fighting
Six is resilient and scrappy, an uncommon trait for mage
+1RS to Brawl rank when using improvised weapons, the environment, or Dishonorable tactics to physically affect the target.

Being a mage unaffiliated with any faction, your freedom is often tried by those who wish to use your power to their own benefit.
Twice a day, when entering a new scene, ask the question, “Do I encounter an adversary?” Odds Unlikely + 1RS per every 5 days without an encounter.

Torment of Freaboro
Six is afflicted with an ancient curse received from an immovable beaded necklace.
The tormentor is a demon called Freaboro whom will slay any mortal who grows too fond, or close to Peep the Arcanist.
Those who feel so deeply about Six are pursued by the demon who becomes more substantial the more the target loves Peep It’s attacks are supernatural and deal Exceptional lethal damage.
Freoboro can’t attack until the target loves Six.


Real Name: Pepe Nepenthe
Current Alias: Six the Savior
Aliases: Free Mage, Mage, Wizkin
Relatives: TBD
Affiliation: Ex Black Velvet Mage
Base of Operations: TBD

Occupation: Mercenary Arcanist
Education: Black Velvet Drop-out

Gender: Male
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 275
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Place of Birth: TBD
Creator: JPeoplz

Special Traits:
Inspiration Magic Craft

Spell Book

Six the Savior

The Peoplz & Dragons JPeoplz JPeoplz