Kingdom Name: Ananewcrayeum

Ruled By: A queen

Motto: Clarity and Spirit

Capitol City: Gael is a city with overflowing sewers. It is known for its local fighting schools and landmarks. Their patron deity is the God of Wisdom. There are seven major districts: academic, pleasure, palace, guild, barracks, slums and harbor. The local military are hostile. 

Flag: The flag is a rectangle  with two stripes of grey-blue and bright blue. The emblem is a willow tree and a gate as silhouettes. 

Currency: 2 gold laesh = 5 silver ug | 1 silver ug = 13 copper eim

Description: This large kingdom's people resent their political leaders. They are  bordered on three sides by ocean. Their  relations with their neighbors to the south are friendly. There are five major cities, the largest of which is located in the north of the kingdom. They are currently troubled by problems with trade. They are  proud of their local livestock.


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